Goal Method Records For Each Premier League Club

(last updated 27th March 2011) Below is an alphabetical table of the types of goals scored and conceded by each Premiership club.
To save on confusion, the free kicks category includes goals created from direct aswell as in-direct free kicks. Outside area only includes goals from open play and not set pieces.

Club Penalties Free Kicks (Direct & In-Direct) Corners Headers Outside Area (open-play) Right Crosses Left Crosses
Arsenal For:3 Against:4 For:2 Against:5 For:6 Against:3 For:8 Against:8 For:2 Against:3 For:3 Against:1 For:1 Against:3
Aston Villa For:3 Against:3 For:1 Against:5 For:3 Against:14 For:8 Against:13 For:4 Against:5 For:7 Against:2 For:4 Against:3
Birmingham For:1 Against:3 For:8 Against:4 For:3 Against:6 For:7 Against:6 For:1 Against:4 For:3 Against:2 For:4 Against:3
Blackburn For:1 Against:4 For:6 Against:5 For:8 Against:7 For:9 Against:9 For:3 Against:2 For:1 Against:4 For:1 Against:3
Blackpool For:6 Against:2 For:3 Against:6 For:11 Against:8 For:7 Against:10 For:6 Against:7 For:6 Against:4 For:1 Against:6
For:3 Against:3 For:6 Against:3 For:3 Against:9 For:5 Against:8 For:5 Against:4 For:1 Against:4 For:2 Against:3
Chelsea For:6 Against:1 For:6 Against:1 For:9 Against:2 For:9 Against:3 For:3 Against:4 For:2 Against:1 For:4 Against:3
Everton For:0 Against:2 For:4 Against:4 For:6 Against:5 For:10 Against:11 For:4 Against:3 For:2 Against:6 For:12 Against:3
Fulham For:2 Against:0 For:3 Against:3 For:6 Against:2 For:11 Against:5 For:5 Against:3 For:3 Against:2 For:3 Against:3
Liverpool For:4 Against:3 For:5 Against:3 For:3 Against:4 For:6 Against:5 For:2 Against:2 For:2 Against:5 For:2 Against:0
Man City For:7 Against:3 For:2 Against:4 For:6 Against:6 For:3 Against 6 For:5 Against:1 For:5 Against:2 For:1 Against:1
Man Utd For:1 Against:3 For:3 Against:2 For:6 Against:6 For:14 Against:7 For:6 Against:1 For:17 Against:0 For:4 Against:4
Newcastle Utd For:4 Against:4 For:5 Against:5 For:9 Against:2 For:11 Against:5 For:4 Against:1 For:3 Against:6 For:3 Against:1
Stoke City For:3 Against:3 For:5 Against:6 For:7 Against:2 For:9 Against:7 For:0 Against:4 For:3 Against:6 For:4 Against:1
Sunderland For:3 Against:4 For:2 Against:5 For:2 Against:7 For:5 Against:6 For:2 Against:3 For:4 Against:3 For:3 Against:3
Spurs For:3 Against:3 For:4 Against:4 For:3 Against:2 For:7 Against:7 For:7 Against:6 For:1 Against:3 For:2 Against:3
WBA For:2 Against:5 For:4 Against:5 For:7 Against:10 For:9 Against:10 For:4 Against:6 For:4 Against:3 For:2 Against:2
West Ham For:4 Against:3 For:4 Against:3 For:5 Against:5 For:6 Against:10 For:3 Against:1 For:3 Against:9 For:1 Against:5
Wigan For:2 Against:1 For:6 Against:3 For:1 Against:3 For:2 Against:9 For:2 Against:3 For:3 Against:8 For:0 Against:8
Wolves For:2 Against:3 For:5 Against:5 For:5 Against:6 For:7 Against:7 For:3 Against:5 For:6 Against:4 For:6 Against:2

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