Premier League Team Profiles With Bite-Sized Stats (M-W)

premier league trophy

(Last updated 23rd March 2011) Below are bite-sized profiles for each Premiership team, they include players to watch, key statistics and the most regular starting line-ups, they will be fully updated by Wednesday every week throughout the season to keep them up to date, so do check back regularly.

Man City

Manchester City FC  Badge

Last Season: 5th

Key Players:

Tevez (Striker)

Carlos Tevez

The one striker that can be relied upon, tireless runner on and off the ball and one of the league’s highest and consistent scorers.

Playing Style:

The defence and three central midfielders all concentrate on defence and holding their position, leaving the front 3 free to score and create the openings.


  • Have only lost 7, 4th fewest
  • Joint 4th highest scorers
  • 2nd best defence
  • 3rd best home defensive record
  • Joint 2nd most away wins in the league with 6, and joint 2nd best away record
  • 2nd best away defence
  • Joint best defence in the 1st half of games and the 3rd best attack
  • Man City have scored the 1st goal 18 times, winning 14, drawing 3 and losing 1
  • Have conceded the 1st goal only 8 times, 2nd best record
  • Have the 4th best record v bottom half teams and have only lost 2 in 18 games
  • Have scored 7 penalties the league’s most
  • Have only scored 2 goals from free kick situations, the league’s 2nd lowest amount
  • Scored 6 goals from corners
  • Scored 5 goals from outside the area, league’s 3rd highest
  • Have only conceded once from outside the area
  • 13 clean sheets, the joint most in the league


  • Only the 4th best goal difference
  • Only 7th highest home scorers
  • Poor record v top half opposition
  • Have failed to score in 8 games, 4th highest in the league
  • Have only the 6th best 2nd half record
  • Conceded 6 goals from corners
  • Have only scored 3 goals from headers and 2 goals from free kicks
  • Premier League’s worst disciplinary record with 5 red cards and the most yellows, De Jong, Barry and Zabaleta are 2 of the worst yellow card offenders
  • Have conceded 7 in the last 5 minutes of games

Preferred Formation:
433 with wingers

Starting Line-Up:
GK Hart
RB Zabaleta
CB K.Toure
CB Kompany
LB Kolarov

RM Milner
CM De Jong
CM Y.Toure
CM Barry
LM Silva
ST Tevez

Man Utd

Manchester United Badge

Last Season: 2nd

Key Players:

Rooney (Striker)


With the new contract wrapped up, his ankle injury and the World Cup behind him. I’m convinced United fans will see the old Rooney back in the goals soon.

Nani (Winger)


Has turned into the player I always thought he would become. He’s not only harnessed his creative talents but has also begun to get into the goals more frequently.

Valencia (Winger)


Rooney’s premier supplier of goals last season, very accurate crosser from the right and regular scorer.

Playing Style:

Not as attractive or destructive as previous Man Utd teams, they’ve become more reserved and defensively sound. Largely relying on the creative skills of Rooney and co. to overcome the opposition.


  • Have lost 2 fewer than any other team
  • The league’s highest scorers, 5 more than any other team
  • 4th best defence
  • Best goal difference
  • Have the most league wins and the league’s only unbeaten home record
  • Have the lowest amount of home draws with 1, have the best home defence and most goals
  • 3rd best away attack and only lost 3 away
  • The league’s best 1st half record, have only been in a losing position 3 times at half time
  • Have scored the most 2nd half goals, and have the fewest losses if only counting the 2nd half of games with 3
  • Have scored 1st 21 times, the highest in the league, winning 16, drawing 3 and losing 2
  • Opponents have only scored 1st v United 6 times, the lowest in the league, of those 6 games United have amazingly lost just once, drawing 3 and fighting back to win 2
  • The stand out performers v top half teams and only lost 2
  • Have failed to score only 3 times this season
  • Scored 14 headed goals, more than any other team
  • Have scored 6 goals from outside the area, the joint 2nd highest
  • Big emphasis on attacks from the right wing as shown by their staggering tally of 17 goals from right sided crosses into the box
  • 12 clean sheets, joint 2nd highest amount
  • Have the league’s highest scorer Berbatov (20) and assister Nani (16)
  • Have scored 9 goals between the 40th minute and the half time whistle and 13 goals in the last 10 minutes


  • Only won 4 away games, a lower amount than the rest of the top 5
  • 8 away draws, more than any other team
  • Have only the 5th best away record, and only the 6th best away defence
  • Have one of the league’s worst yellow card offenders in Scholes

Preferred Formation:
442 with wingers

Starting 11:
GK Van Der Sar
RB Rafael
CB Ferdinand
CB Vidic
LB Evra
RM Valencia
CM Fletcher
CM Scholes
LM Nani
ST Berbatov
ST Rooney

Newcastle United

Newcastle United Badge

Last Season: in Championship

To stay in the Premiership you need players who can score and create a decent amount of goals, luckily Newcastle have potentially the best of any of the newly promoted teams. They have some very competent midfield players who are definitely Premiership quality in Barton and Nolan.

Key Players:

Nolan (Attacking Midfielder)

Kevin Nolan

Is quite a limited midfielder but what he can do is get in the positions to score goals and he does that very well in-deed, seemed to have forged a great understanding with Carroll before he departed.

Barton (Centre Midfield)

Joey Barton

Seems to have resurrected himself from past mistakes and looks to be back to the form he shown at Man City which earnt him an England call-up. Very tidy in possession and highly accurate crosser from free kicks and corners.

Playing Style:


  • The 5th highest scorers in the league
  • Have scored more goals at home than any other team, with the exception of Man United
  • 6th highest scorers in the 1st half of games
  • Are a very steady team with a very similar overall record for the 1st and 2nd half of games
  • Have scored 1st 14 times, winning 8 of them, drawing 4 and losing 2
  • Are the league’s joint highest scorers v top half opposition
  • 6th best overall away record
  • Have failed to score only 7 times this season
  • Are one of the league’s most dangerous teams from set pieces having scored 5 times from free kicks and 9 from corners
  • Have only onceded 1 goal from a shot outside their area
  • Are the joint best team at defending corners only conceding from 2 and have only let in 4 headed goals
  • Have scored 11 headers, the joint 2nd best in the league
  • Have scored 6 goals in the last 5 minutes of games


  • Conceded 4th most home goals
  • Have only won 4 home games, and have the 2nd worst home record of the whole league
  • Are the joint 2nd lowest away scorers
  • 2nd worst defence in the 1st half of games
  • 2nd worst defence v top half teams
  • Have one of the league’s worst records when the opposition score 1st with only 1 win, 3 draws and 10 losses
  • Have picked up 60 yellow cards, the 2nd highest amount in the league
  • Have 3 of the league’s worst yellow card offenders, Tiote, Nolan and Barton
  • Have let in 7 goals in the last 5 minutes of games

Preferred Formation:

Starting 11:
GK Krul
RB Simpson
CB Williamson
CB Coloccini
LB Jose Enrique
RM Barton
CM Ireland
CM Tiote
LM Gutierrez
AMC Nolan
ST Best

Stoke City

Stoke City Badge

Last Season: 11th

Key Players:

Shawcross (Central Defender)

Ryan Shawcross

Very combative defender, good in the air, making him a good candidate for set piece goals. Has in the past been on the fringes of the England team such is his rise in form.

Huth (Central Defender)

Robert Huth

Just re-read the description of Shawcross above and ignore the England bit as the rest fits completely for Huth aswell, who has been a constant thorn in the side of the opposition from Stoke’s attacking set pieces this season.

Etherington (Left Midfielder)


Not flashy, just dribbles down the left and rains the crosses in, the team’s best source of goals.

Playing Style:

Physicial and direct in an effort to get the ball to the front players as quickly as possible and put pressure on the opponent’s defence.


  • The 4th best performing team in the 2nd half of games, and 4th best 2nd half defence
  • Are one of the best performers when scoring 1st, in the 10 times Stoke have scored 1st they have won 8, drawn 2, lost 0 and only let in 5 goals
  • Have won 11 games this season, which is more than any other team outside the top 6
  • 7th best home defence
  • Joint 5th best defence v top half teams
  • Scored 7 goals from corners this season
  • Have only conceded twice from a corner situation, the joint best record in the league
  • Have scored 12 goals in the last 10 minutes of games


  • Have lost 15, the joint 2nd highest amount
  • Joint 5th lowest scorers
  • Have only scored the 1st goal in 10 Premiership games this season, the 3rd lowest
  • Have only drawn 4 games, the league’s lowest
  • 7th lowest scorers at home and 2nd lowest away
  • Have only drawn 1 away game the joint lowest amount and have the joint 2nd lowest away record
  • Are the 2nd worst performing team in the 1st half of games, with the lowest amount of goals scored and the 4th worst 1st half defence
  • Stoke have let in the 1st goal of the match 20 times this season, the joint 2nd highest amount
  • Have failed to score 10 times this season
  • Have conceded 6 goals from free kicks, more than any other team
  • The only team to have not scored a goal from open play outside the area
  • Joint 4th most yellow cards, and Shawcross has the joint most reds with 2

Preferred Formation:

Starting 11:
GK Begovic
RB Collins
CB Shawcross
CB Huth
LB Delap
RM Pennant
CM Whitehead
CM Whelan
LM Etherington
ST Jones
ST Carew


Sunderland FC Badge

Last Season: 13th.

Bruce has bought very well, taking full advantage of the large transfer kitty afforded to him by the new Sunderland owners. Sunderland have added some definite quality upfront in Gyan Asamoah and nabbed some bargain loans in Welbeck and Onuoha.

Key Players:


Jordan Henderson

Accomplished midfielder, neat passer, keeps the team ticking over and can spot a pass, recently rewarded for his excellent form with his first England cap.

Playing Style:


  • Drawn 11, 4th most draws
  • 7th best home defence
  • 6th best away defence
  • One of the best performing teams in the 1st half of games, only in a losing position 5 times, and drawing 17 (the most in the league)
  • Joint 3rd best 1st half defence
  • Have 12 clean sheets this season, equal 2nd
  • Scored 7 goals in the last 5 minutes of games


  • 3rd lowest scorers
  • 2nd lowest home scorers
  • 5th lowest away scorers
  • 6th lowest scorers in the 1st half of games
  • Lowest scorers in 2nd half of games
  • 8th lowest scorers v top half teams
  • Very ineffective on set pieces having only scored 2 times from free kicks and 2 from corners
  • Have been given 5 red cards, joint 2nd most
  • Cattermole is one of the worst yellow and red card offenders in the league
  • Have conceded 7 goals in the last 5 minutes of games
  • Have only won 1 of the last 8 league games

Preferred Formation:
442 with wingers

Starting 11:
GK Gordon
RB Onuoha
CB Turner
CB Bramble
LB Bardsley
RM Elmohamady
CM Henderson
CM Cattermole
LM Richardson

ST Welbeck
ST Gyan Asamoah


Tottenham Hotspur FC Badge

Last Season: 4th

Key Players:

Bale (Left Back/Wing)

Gareth Bale

Well what can you say about this guy that hasn’t already been said? Err he has a poor right foot maybe!? Spur’s most dangerous player, he scores, he creates and he dribbles past players for fun. Opposition teams have begun to double up on him in an effort to nullify his threat which may mean he isn’t as effective as he has been previously.

Van Der Vaart (Attacking Midfield)

Van Der Vaart

Has added some real quality to Spur’s attack and forged a great partnership with Crouch, he can’t stop scoring at home, it will be interesting to see if his form carries on once Defoe returns to the starting line-up.

Playing Style:

Quick tempo, short precise passing, rely heavily on Bale to create down the left flank.


  • Only lost 6 games, the joint 3rd fewest
  • 6th best defence
  • 2nd best home defence and have only lost 1 at home, fewer losses than any other team except Man Utd
  • Joint 4th highest scorers away
  • 3rd best defence in the 2nd half of games
  • Have scored 1st 11 times, and gained at least a point each time with 7 wins and 4 draws
  • Have gained the most points from losing positions, coming back from going a goal down to win 6, draw 3 and lose 6
  • Are one of the best performing team v top half teams having only lost 3 from 13 games
  • Have failed to score only 6 times this season
  • Only conceded twice from a corner this season,  the joint best record
  • Have scored 7 goals from shots outside the area, more than any other team
  • Have scored 7 goals in the last 5 minutes of games


  • Are only the 7th highest scorers in the league
  • 3rd lowest home scorers and only the 8th best overall home record
  • Are only the 9th best performing team in the 1st half of games
  • Only 6 clean sheets
  • Only scored 3 goals from a corner
  • Have conceded 6 goals from shots outside the area, joint 2nd most
  • Have only scored 3 goals direct from a cross
  • Have continually failed to break down teams at home who defend deep in numbers and double up on Bale hence their poor home record
  • 5th lowest yellow card count

Manager Bio:

Harry Redknapp

The one managerial area I believe he lacks in is tactically, hence the poor performances at home when teams sit back and defend, while double marking the threat of Bale on the wing. He seems out of ideas to fix this, instead resorting to uncultured long balls to Crouch, which unsuprisingly rarely threaten.

Preferred Formation:
442 with wingers

Starting 11:
GK Gomes
RB Corluka
CB Gallas
CB Dawson
LB Ekotto
RM Lennon
CM Modric
CM Huddlestone
LM Bale
AMC Van Der Vaart
ST Crouch

West Brom


Last Season: in Championship

Key Players:

Brunt (Left/Centre Midfielder)

Chris Brunt

If WBA are to stay up, Brunt will be one of the main men behind it. He is a set piece specialist, takes penalties, free kicks and is a goal threat from open play with his vicious shooting, while being composed enough on the ball to carve open opposition defences.

Odemwingie (Striker)


The Nigerian international striker is fast and an accomplished finisher, if WBA score it’s most likely to be he who scores.

Playing Style:


  • Have scored more goals than the current bottom 4 and 6 of the teams above them
  • 7th highest scorers at home
  • WBA have scored 1st in 9 Premier League games this season, and lost none of those 9 games winning 5 and drawing 4
  • In the 21 games that West Brom have conceded the 1st goal, they have battled back to win 3, draw 5 and lose 13
  • 7th highest scorers v bottom half teams
  • Have scored 6 goals in the last 5 minutes of games
  • 11th best performing team in the 2nd half of games
  • 5th lowest yellow card count


  • Joint 4th fewest wins in the league
  • Joint 3rd most losses
  • Have the 2nd worst defence
  • Joint 3rd worst home defensive record
  • 4th worst away defence
  • Have only scored 1st in 9 Premier League games this season, 2nd lowest
  • The opposition have scored 1st 21 times v WBA this season, more than any other team
  • 4th worst defence v top 10 teams
  • Have lost 6 games v bottom half teams, the joint 2nd highest amount and worst defence
  • Have conceded from 5 penalties, more than any other team
  • Have conceded from 5 free kick situations, the joint most, and 10 goals from corners the joint 2nd most
  • Have let in 6 goals from shots outside the area, the league’s 2nd most
  • Have conceded 10 goals from headers, the 3rd most
  • Have only kept one clean sheet all-season, the fewest in the league
  • Have the league’s highest red card count with Arsenal having been issued 6 red cards, in Mulumbu and Brunt they also have the league’s worst red card offender and 3rd worst yellow card offender.
  • Conceded 5 goals in the last 5 minutes of games
  • Have the league’s 3rd worst 1st half record, only winning 5 times at half time and losing 12, also have the worst 1st half defensive record
  • Over the last 8 games WBA have only won once
  • Failed to score in 9 games this season, the joint 3rd most

Preferred Formation:

Starting 11:
GK Carson
RB Jara
CB Tamas
CB Scharner
LB Shorey
RM Morrison
CM Mulumbu
CM Dorrans
CM Brunt
LM Thomas
ST Odemwingie

West Ham

West Ham Badge

Last Season: 17th

Key Players:


Scott Parker

I’m always stunned Parker is still at West Ham, as a player of his calibre should be at a top 6 side at least. Great defensive abilities, but also quite a creative passer in possession, trademark driving runs and has a formidable long shot. Somewhat of a dark horse for your goal scorer bets! About time he is given an England starting place as he would be the ideal candidate for that defensive midfield role.

Playing Style:


    • Overall are the 11th best performing team away, and 6th highest scorers
    • Have only lost once in the 11 games they have scored 1st
    • Have only been issued the 1 red card
    • 7th best performing team over the last 8 games


  • Only won 7 games this season, the joint 2nd fewest with Fulham
  • Joint 4th most draws with 11
  • Joint 6th lowest scorers
  • Joint 4th worst defensive record
  • Joint 3rd worst home record of the whole league, and are the 5th lowest home scorers
  • 5th worst away defence
  • Have only won once in the 17 games they have conceded 1st
  • Have conceded goals from 10 headers, the 3rd highest tally in the league
  • Have conceded 9 times from right wing crosses, more than any other team
  • Have only kept 5 clean sheets
  • Conceded the joint most goals in the 1st half of matches
  • 3rd lowest scorers in the 2nd half of games
  • Have failed to score in 10 games this season, joint 2nd most

Manager Bio: Avram Grant

At Chelsea it was simply luck and chance that meant Avram Grant did not capture The Champions League. While also running Man Utd very close for The Premiership title. The criminally underrated and ridiculed Grant steadied the previously free-falling Portsmouth, reached the FA Cup final, and almost beat Chelsea in the process.

Preferred Formation: 442

Starting 11:

GK Green

RB Jacobsen

CB Upson

CB Da Costa

LB Bridge

RM Barrera

CM Parker

CM Noble

LM Hitzelsperger


ST Piquionne


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