Poetry and Rap

A poem for Monika

Original Poem & Song Lyrics:

You see me and think ahhh shit, my mind, my body…they’re incarcerated …I’m so suffocated.

But you’re reading this all wrong, I’m only here to make you feel truly liberated.

I’ll light the fuse and BOOM! You shine so bright you’ll be illuminated.

I’m not looking to cage you like perhaps many have before.
I’m here to set you free, you’re a bird of flight, I want to see you soar,
Experience things you’ve never felt before

This isn’t a twist of fate,
please, please, please, don’t anyone call it a date,
as that’s a word you so love to hate.

But you do know you can be little miss busy bee,
the girl you want to be,
all young and free, independently
but also hang with a guy like me?
Ok…good, they aren’t mutual exclusivity

Do you hear me? I’m saying have your cake and eat it too,
moi petite Betty Boo
It tastes so sweet and it’ll be good for you
it’s time for you to saviour new,
a room with a different view

Leap out and grab a forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge,
Get a lesson from the teacher, take a seat at mister Ackerman’s college.

Dream big and tell me what you wanna be, I’ll get you there, be a self-made bitch like me.

You are the same as me, when 23, scared to be who you want to be,
paralysed by past fear, take my hand, a leap of faith with me,
let’s chat over coffee or perhaps a pot of freshly brewed green tea.

A little black vanilla chai.
you ever hung with an older English guy?
Mucho fun with that cheeky twinkle in his eye
no…you don’t even know that guy, he hasn’t even stopped to say hi…

My oh my you’ve got a warm smile, a tame, timide look that I want to defile

You raise your eyebrows so judgementally,
and your delicately inquisitive mind, it’s all too much for me.
The way you rock that black fedora, aahh pure poetry.

Most girls have nothing but their body to offer me,
as I find people draining with their innane chatter and stupidity.
I don’t even have to ask, I already know you agree,
we breathe the same air of snobbery.

I’m not better than them, we’re just on a different journey
They’re floating on the surface, I’m fighting sharks in the deep blue sea
contemplating the intricacies of life and the meaning behind Dali
they just switch off their minds and get brainwashed by TV.
but that’s not you and me,
we’re wired differently,
I’m looking for some badass bitch to hang with, what you doing at 3?

Waddup young granny? Jump out of bed and pop those teeth back in,
time for me and you to have some fun, got a taste for sin
we’ll do whatever tickles your fancy,
ask me nicely and I may even dress as a nancy

Question… are you free to talk about the world tonight?
Oh no, bed at 9? I thought you might.

Missy, stop resisting everything not within your tiny little comfort zone,
go pick up that phone,
I want to hear you moan

Dobranoc young whippersnapper, you still have much to learn,
see you in the morning, your first lesson’s tomorrow.


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