About Me

Below I have outlined all my key skills and any relevant experience I have gained in relation to those skills.


I’m an FA qualified football coach and I’m currently working my way towards the UEFA B licence.

I am also in the process of starting a course on performance analysis within football.

I have created and run my own football data website and I have had various football related opinion articles published by some of the most popular Premier League websites. I would describe myself as a world football obsessive, not just following all the most respected journalists and expert websites but also the intellectual backdrop of anything football that dissects the why and the how of tactics, teams, players and analysis.

Started my own football statistics website compiling my own unique set of statistics and records after analysing all the match highlights each week. Also kept a record of the various methods used by each Premier League team to score their goals, extracting how, why and where each team scored or conceded.

Following on from this I highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each Premier League team by analysing numerous key player and team statistics.

This all started 3-4 years back, before football data had begun to make its way into the mainstream and the big companies realised the merit of data flooding the market.

I have experience of various football related roles including as a match reporter, where I had to relay minute by minute action from the stadium via mobile.

I am currently a data reviewer for FIFA’s official video game, helping to ensure all their player and team data is as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Was hired as a games tester and researcher for Sigames’ highly detailed Football Manager series.

Wrote for Soccer International, writing in-depth preview and match review articles for major Internationals, Premier League and Serie A matches. Where I passed their very strict football expert test to be accepted as a regular writer. Utilising my acquired knowledge of every team and player to produce specialised previews and post game reports for every round of the league I was assigned to.


Have worked with PCs since I was 11 and they have been a real passion of mine ever since. Having learnt many PC related skills in that time. Including SEO, web design, how to perform tasks on any CMS, HTML, CSS, web marketing, social media marketing, software maintenance, general PC maintenance, hardware maintenance. data input, digital art and Dreamweaver.

Have created and maintained four websites based around my hobbies and interests.

Taught myself SEO and have regularly communicated with some of the most experienced and knowlegable experts in the World. Achieving countless top Google.com and UK rankings for small to medium sized businesses in some of the most competitive markets against comparatively giant International companies with a far superior budget and team.


Throughout my working life I have shown myself to be quick witted with the inventive mind to think of creative ideas, visual designs, art or articles that engage audiences, target markets and gain a highly positive response.

My main creative strengths are based around anything humourous or football related, but I can easily turn my hand at any project that require some form of creative thinking or enticing design and copy.


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