I am a self taught SEO consultant, I took it upon myself to learn everything about SEO ever since I first discovered it in 2005. I still get a lot of satisfaction in continuing to learn new SEO ideas and new ways of thinking.

I would describe myself as an analytical and creative person, who has the perception to pinpoint exactly what tasks need to be performed and the inventive mind to conjure up fresh ideas for new content or enhance SEO performance.

Below I have listed a few of my past SEO successes. (Any rankings mentioned are correct at the time of writing)
Beat most the big money SEO companies to place near the top of Google UK for the most competitive local keyword “Northampton SEO”.

The Qube

“David really gave us a SEO boost, we are a fairly new site and he made sure we ranked top of Google for our primary keywords, this really helped us attract a lot of new customers and increase sales”

Mike Spittle, Manager of The Qube

Took The Qube from total obscurity to the top of Google UK and .com and the other leading search engines for all it’s primary keywords, substantially increasing traffic, sales and enquiries.

SEO is an important factor for a site which needs to make every pound of its marketing contribution count. With David’s help, GG.COM receives a substantial and regular volume of new traffic from referrals and search engine sources. This has been achieved with a flexible approach and at a fraction of the cost that big SEO agencies would have charged.”

Colin Jelfs, Managing Director Ltd

Helped obtain top Google rankings for many highly lucrative gambling related search terms ahead of mammoth competitors who possessed far superior budgets and resources than I had at my disposal. Substantially increasing regular traffic streams, user sign-ups, referrals and website revenue.

Zinc Digital

Moved Zinc from not even being listed on Google to top of Google UK for their main keyword “web design Northampton” and many other highly relevant keywords to their business services.

Also taught Zinc Digital the value of quality white hat SEO and the need to start offering it as a service to their customers to compliment their web design.


Ranked VSG top of Google for “security services” “manned guarding company” and many other keywords. Substantially increasing traffic and enquiries.


Moved them to the top of Google UK for many primary and secondary keywords, including “office design” “office design company” “office interior design”.

Apple Marquees

Moved them from having no online presence to number one on Google for “marquee hire northampton”, “marquees northampton” and the like.


Helped them top Google for “Eco Leather” and other terms that relate to their products and services.

Jellyfish Creative

Ranked from nowhere to 1st for “creative design agency” on Google.

Towcester Racecourse

Topped Google for “wedding reception venue Northampton(shire)”, “corporate hospitality horse racing”, “conference venue Northamptonshire”.

Christchurch Court

Top of Google for “brain injury care homes northampton”.

Max Engel

Top of Google for “solicitors northampton” and other related service phrases.

Ackerman SEO header image 3

SEO Services

These are all the tasks I perform after assessing a website’s Google Analytics data:
On Page Optimisation:
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Title tag changes
  • Alt tag optimisation
  • Internal linking
  • Keyword headers
  • Anchor text changes
(There are no meta description or keyword tag changes as they have become redundant and websites perform better without them manually inserted).
Off-Page Optimisation:
  • Competitor linking profile
  • Topical Google searches
  • Google Maps/Places listing
  • Article/press release syndication
  • Topical reciprocal and ethical paid link arrangements
  • Social bookmarking
  • New content areas
Here’s a brief description of each of the SEO tasks:

On-Going Site Recommendations – This includes everything from minor webpage changes based upon reviewing your website’s statistics on Google Analytics. Aswell as suggestions for new features that will improve Google rankings, the time users spent on the site and your conversion rate.

Link Research – We will perform extensive topical searches to extract the most influential websites that your industry can obtain a link from.

On-Going Competitor Research – Looking at every aspect of how and why your highest ranking competitors are top of Google. What website features they have which outperform you, what partnerships and topical links they have acquired that you have not and ultimately determining how you can emulate and exceed them in terms of content, service and Google rankings.

Google Maps & Webmaster Tools – Optimise and improve the ranking of your website by concentrating on these key Google services.

Topical Directory Submissions – We will source all your industry’s most influential and highest ranked directories within Google and submit your website’s details to them.

Social Bookmarking – Submit your highest quality webpage content to the most relevant social bookmarking websites in order to expose your services to a social audience.

Manual Link Partnering – Will find suitable websites to reciprocate links which offers the joint benefit of referral traffic and increased Google rankings.

Edu/Organisational Links – Links with these websites in particular are given significant weight by Google, as they are often highly trusted websites and have quality topical websites linking to them in numbers. With this in-mind we will establish a link relationship with these sites when appropriate.

Online Article & Press Release Strategy – We will establish what keyword phrases are your best performing ones via Google Analytics and then suggest articles and press releases based around these terms.

Content Growth – Will suggest areas where you would benefit from new content in-order to attract new traffic sources and attain new topical Google rankings.

Online Article & Press Release Syndication – If you have any articles or press releases that you are willing to syndicate out from your website, we will submit these to all the topical websites that will accept them.

Online Partnerships & Links – Will contact previously sourced topical websites and submit your website’s details to them.

On-Going Keyword Research – Will take advantage of various keyword tools, aswell as your website’s statistics to continually assess what keywords need targeting within your webpages and need improved Google rankings.

Landing Page Recommendations – Highlight any apparent weaknesses within your website that are having a negative effect on your conversion rate. Each of these weaknesses will then be addressed based upon our recommendations.

On-Going Google Analytics Assessment – Will mine through all your website’s statistical data to pick out what keywords are and are not performing, why users are and are not staying on the website, where your referral traffic is coming from and much more on a monthly basis.

Paid Topical Links – Source all the most relevant and highly ranked websites within Google that offer paid link arrangements and contact them to establish a link.

Video Submissions – Will syndicate your website’s video content to suitable video websites in-order to attract a new customer-base and improve your online identity.

Link Bait – Establish fresh ways for the client to attract topical links and be seen as an expert in the industry.

Social Networking – Encourage the client to interact with their customer-base on topical forums and popular social networks, this way the company is seen as approachable and by offering advice and answering questions, as an industry expert.



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